Hledáme schopné IT odborníky



Are you missing senior specialist in your team? Do you have lack of experienced developers? Try us and add top professionals to your team! We can offer experienced Analysts,  Software Developers (mainly Java and C #. / NET), SW/Solution Architects and Project Managers.

Why use Bodyshop?

  • Professionalism and high expertise of Webovia’s consultants.
  • Quality, speed and availability.
  • Seamless integration of our specialists to your team.
  • Save time and money.


Recruitment / Executive Search

Trying to fill a role with demanding requirements for a long time? Have a problem to find more suitable specialists for a number of technical positions? Contact us and we will try to help you. We are in contact with a large number of IT specialists and we should find suitable and motivated candidates among them and introduce them to you.

Why use a Recruitment / Executive Search?

  • Reaching for the specialists who are not seeking a new job right now and are not available when using common forms of recruitment.
  • The possibility of obtaining much better candidates than just from the advertising.
  • Save time and money of your HR department.
  • Guarantee for services rendered.



Are you are in a situation where as a part of the restructuralization you have to dismiss some amount of your employees, but you are also not indifferent to their fate and would like to say goodbye to them with dignity and offer them a help and support with finding a new job? Try to use our service Outplacement, under which we provide:

  • Comprehensive consulting services throughout the whole process of organizational changes in your company.
  • Preparation of existing employees / managers to the change.
  • Individual or collective consultation with the dismissed employees.
  • Finding the inner strength and motivation of dismissed employees to overcome the critical period.
  • Improving orientation, adaptability, and presentations on the labor market.

Why use Outplacement?

  • Keeping a good image of your company
  • Minimazing labor law-related risks.
  • Increase of trust and loyalty of remaining employees.
  • Maintaining the work ethic on a high level in your company.

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