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Webovia is a Czech IT company with a broad coverage especially in the financial, IT / telecommunications and energy domains. By our activities we are trying to meet the demand for experienced IT specialists. We focus mainly on contractors, highly specialized IT professionals prefering flexible collaboration on a project basis.

We focus on Software Developers and Architects (Java, C #. / NET, PHP, Oracle PLSQL), Analyst (IT, Business), Testers, Test Analysts (manual and automated testing) and Project Managers. We can also provide IT professionals with a different skills, according to the needs of the company. Try us and send us your current demand through the request form.

We cooperate with the partner companies on many key projects in which we provide our contractors through bodyshop. We have also an experience in providing professional assistance to dismissed employees of our partners and clients through Outplacement services.

Webovia is on the Czech market since 2007 and already built a reputation as a trusted and reliable supplier of complex technical solutions and skilled workforce.

Our goal is to maintain and further develop the reputation of our company and establish new business relationships and partnerships leading to universal satisfaction. We enjoy work ing with people who are looking for the “job well done”, open and fair negotiations and reliability.

Webovia in points:

  • Five years experience in providing IT recruitment services in the Czech Repulic and other countries of the European Union.
  • Excellent knowledge of Czech IT market and especially the market for contractors.
  • Our key contractors are involved in key and complex projects in various domains.
  • Provision of IT specialists through bodyshop or classical employment.
  • Help with finding a new job for redundant employees.
  • Consulting services in software development and recruitment.
  • Fairness, reliability and satisfaction.

Our clients